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Selected Papers in Progress

Robots and Jobs: More Evidence from US Labor Markets (with Ryan Decker and John Chung).

Impact of Artificial Intelligence Regulation on AI Adoption and Innovation (with Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, Ben Larsen, and Michael Webb).

Robots and Long Term Care (with Karen Eggleston and Toshiaki Iizuka).

Aging, Automation, and Productivity (with Chang Keun Lee).

Artificial Intelligence and Skill: Evidence from Chess (with Jay Bhattacharya).

Government Funding and the Innovation of Technology Startups (with Wonjoon Kim, Scott Stern, and Sukwoong Choi).

Firm Responses to Cyber Breaches (with Chuck Eesley, Zahra Hejrati, Christos Makridis).

Working Papers

Do University Entrepreneurship Programs Promote Entrepreneurship? (with Chuck Eesley). NBER report. revision requested from Strategic Management Journal.

Social Media and Rigid Beliefs: Evidence from Impeachment of the President. revision requested from Journal of Comparative Economics.

Institutional Trust and the Allocation of Talent to Entrepreneurship (with Chuck Eesley). new draft coming soon.

Management, Faculty Productivity, and Student Learning (with Prashant Loyalka and Dinsha Mistree). new draft coming soon.

Journal Publications

Modern Management and the Demand for Technical Skill. Labour Economics, 2018, 55:328-343. (ungated version).

Government Guaranteed Small Business Loans and Regional Growth. Journal of Business Venturing, 2018, 33(1):70-83. (ungated version).

International Isolation and Regional Inequality: Evidence from Sanctions on North Korea. Journal of Urban Economics, 2018, 103:34-51. (ungated version). Selected media coverage: VOXEU column, KBS News (national broadcast in Korean), Stanford News, NKNews.

Information Technology in the Property Market (with Yuya Sasaki). Information Economics and Policy, 2018, 44:1-7.

The Persistence of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Immigrants (with Chuck Eesley). Research Policy, 2018. (ungated version).

Entrepreneurship, Small Businesses, and Economic Growth in Cities. Journal of Economic Geography, 2017, 17(2). (ungated version). Winner of Urban Land Institute Prize for best paper published in Journal of Economic Geography in 2017. ULI announcement. JoEG announcement.

Staffing Subsidies and the Quality of Care in Nursing Homes (with Andrew Foster), Journal of Health Economics, 2015, 41: 133-147. (ungated version). Online Appendix to the paper.

Organization of Disaster Aid Delivery: Spending Your Donations (with Vernon Henderson), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2015, 63(4). Media: FSI Stanford News. (NBER Working Paper 17707).

School Districting and the Origins of Residential Land Price Inequality, Journal of Housing Economics, 2015, 28: 1-17. (ungated version).

Exams, Districts, and Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence from South Korea, Labour Economics, 2014, 29: 62-71. (ungated version).

Do Medicaid Wage Pass-through Payments Increase Nursing Home Staffing? (with Z. Feng, S. Kuo, O. Intrator, A. Foster, and V. Mor), Health Services Research, 2010, 45(3): 728-747.

Edited Volumes/Book Chapters/Book Reviews

Globalization, Culture, and Innovation in Korea, edited by Joon-Nak Choi, Yong Suk Lee, and Gi-Wook Shin. Routledge.

Lee, Yong Suk and Chuck Eesley. A Comparative Analysis of Asian versus Asian American Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Stanford University Alumni, In Globalization, Culture, and Innovation in Korea, edited by Joon-Nak Choi, Yong Suk Lee, and Gi-Wook Shin. Routledge.

Book Review of Uk Heo and Terence Roehrig’s South Korea’s Rise: Economic Development, Power, and Foreign Relations (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), Journal of Asian Studies, 2015.